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643.00 EUR
European tour package for 4 pax 9 days. Skopje, Sofia, Bucharest, Chisinau
The tour includes 4 hotels ***, * class star. Excursions - 5. Transfers between cities - 3. by trasport Minivan, Train. European vacation packages include vacation in Macedonia,excursion in Skopje,vacation packages in Bulgaria,excursions in Sofia,european tour packages to Romania,excursion in Bucharest and Vacatin packages in Moldova ,excursion in Chisinau
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824.00 EUR
European tour 3 pax 7 days. Luxembourg, Munich, Vaduz
The tour includes 3 hotels ***, ** class star. Excursions - 5. Transfers between cities - 2. by trasport Car Independent tour of Europe,vacation tour packages to Germany,european tour packages to Luxembourg, trip planner to Liechtenshtein , excursions in Munich,excursion in Baduz,excursion in Luxembourg
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304.00 EUR
European independent tour 4 pax 6 days Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius
The tour includes 3 hotels ***, APART, ** class star. Excursions - 3. Transfers between cities - 2. by trasport Train, Minivan. Independent European vacation tour created by trip planner to Europe, vacation in Litva, journey in Lithuania, vacation in Estonia, excursion in Riga,Tallin and Vilnius
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  • Princess Antoinette Park in Monaco

    The Princesse Antoinette Park’s playground, for which the City’s Events Department is responsible, provides families with activities for very young children up to 9 years of age (games, swings, sand pits, etc.) During european tours to Monaco created european trip planner or european vacation packages to Monaco we recommend visit to Princess Antoinette Park. There are also leisure activities for adolescents thanks to a multi-purpose sports field, two badminton and tennis-ball courts as Read more...  
  • Festival Retro May in Moldova

    We are going to host a large outdoor event in a fresh spring atmosphere and a picturesque view – the Retro May Festival. Enjoy escorted european tour to Moldova on independent tour to Moldova created by european tour planner or during european vacation packages to Moldova and participate Retro festival in spring time. There will be exhibitions of about 100 vintage cars and motorcicles of Moldovan and foreign collectors, retro costumes and outfits and antiques of a special value. Read more...