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785.00 EUR
European tour 4 pax 9 days. Prague, Vienna, Budapest
European tour package for 4 pax to Czech Republic,Austria and Hungary. This tour include visit to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. During the tour you see all important sightseeings and test national foods in traditional restaurants with folk evening programs
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1 094.00 EUR
European tour 2 pax 9 days. Vienna, Budapest, Prague
Tour of Europe with visit to Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic. This tour included city tour in Vienna, excursion to Salesburg and evening fonk dinner. Visit to Hungary included city tour in Budapest ,tour to Sentendre ( old village) and folklor dinner. Last point of this tour is Czech Republic's capital city Prague, where you see city tour and tour to Chech Krumlov city on the south .
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503.00 EUR
European tour 4 pax 7 days. Belgrade, Sofia, Bucharest
The tour includes 3 hotels ***, **** class star. Excursions - 4. Transfers between cities - 2. by trasport Minivan. European tour packages created by european trip planner include tour to Belgrade, vacation tour to Sofia, independent tour to Bucharest, travel to Bulgaria,excursions in Serbia,vacation in Romania
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  • Festival Taste of Antwerp in Belgium tour

    The Taste of Antwerp is the biggest culinary festival in Antwerp. The festival has been substantially growing every year. During European tourto Belgium or visit to Anwerp in european tour package we recommend participate Festival Taste of Antwerp. The great selection of participating top restaurants, the beautiful location next to the Schelde, and the creative execution (decoration, fresh herbs, wooden plates) make this festival one of the top culinary festivals in Belgium. Visit Taste of Antwerp's 9th edition, from Thursday May 14th until Sunday May 17th, and live it up at the indoor and outdoor event at Waagnatie. The event location is known for its iconic harbour Read more...  
  • Wild Food Challenge in Finland tour

    The Local Wild Food Challenge is a culinary food competition that is growing in popularity around the world. During European tours to Finland or independent tours from European tour operators with visit to Finland in September, you can participate the Local Wild Food Challenge. It now has six international stops that include two European Countries: France and Finland. This particular event promises a real fun spectacle mix of wild food and entertainment that will take place in Tuusula(Finland) in September. Those who really know how to use ingredients such as wild berries, mushrooms, herbs, self-hunted hares or self-fished fish in the kitchen have a date to attend the Wild Food Challenge. This international event is a culinary wild food competition with several Read more...