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900.00 EUR
European tour 6 pax 16 days. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Kiev
The tour includes 4 hotels *** class star. Excursions - 8. Transfers between cities - 3. by trasport Train Vacation in Russia, tour to Belarus, visit to Ukrain, tour to Moscow,travel to St. Petersburg,Minsk trip, journey to Kiev
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580.00 EUR
European tour 6 pax 7 days. Monaco, Milan, Lyon
The tour includes 3 hotels ***, APART class star. Excursions - 3. Transfers between cities - 2. by trasport Train Vacation in Europe,tour to France,tour to Italy, tour to Monaco,visit to Monaco, travel to Milan, vacation in Lyon
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484.00 EUR
European tour 4 pax 6 days. Skopje, Sarajevo, Belgrade
The tour includes 3 hotels *** class star. Excursions - 3. Transfers between cities - 2. by trasport Minivan Vacation in Europe tour created by Trip planner, tour to Macedonia,tour to Serbia,visit to Bosnija , tour to Skopje, tour to Sarajevo, tour to Belgrade
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  • Days of Mokranjac Choirs Festival

    This annual Festival, held in memorial to the Serbia’s most famous composer Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac, will host performers from all across Serbia, from other former Yugoslav countries,as well as world known pianists and choirs. During independent european tours to Serbia created by trip planner to europe you can visit to Mokranjac Choirs Festival in Serbia city Negotin. Visitors will be able to enjoy numerous art exhibitions, book promotions and literature evenings. Using luxurious Read more...  
  • Transylvania Highlights Romania tour

    Transylvania is home to some of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns, most notably Brasov, featuring Old Saxon architecture and citadel ruins; Sibiu with its cobblestone streets and pastel-colored houses, and Sighisoara, adorned with a hilltop citadel, secret passageways and a 14th century clock tower. During independent european tours , escorted tours and european tour packages to with vacation in Romania we recommend visit to  Transylvania region. Tiny shops offer antiques and fine hand-made products by local artisans and artists. Visitors to Read more...