Rupit - waterfall Salt de Sallent - Tavertet - Vic

Price: 76.00 EUR
Countries: Spain
Route: Barcelona - Rupit - waterfall Salt de Sallent - Tavertet - Vic - Barcelona
Duration: 9 h
Our first stop will be at Rupit where you can wander through its narrow streets full of stone houses - a clear example of a medieval city, wander along the cobblestone streets, stop by the hanging wooden bridge, and visit the Baroque-era Church of Sant Miquel, see the remains of the Castle of Rupit perched on a rocky peak. Next, we'll make our way to the Santuario de la Mare de Déu del Far, a church perched on top of a hill, at more than 1,000 metres above sea level. We'll visit the chapel, where our guide will reveal the interesting history hidden by its walls.The next poin in the tour will be at waterfall Salt de Sallent which is one of the more impressive waterfalls in Spain and is located near Rupit. There are several viewpoint with a good view on the waterfall. It is also possible to descent to the base of the waterfall from the east side of the top. It is a small path. After we will drive to the Tavertet which is located at 869 metres above sea level. Tavertet is a postcard village, where the marked rustic style of its houses makes it a place of great beauty. Moreover, around this village, you can enjoy magnificent views, as well as natural places of great spectacularity, such as the Collsacabra cliffs, which surround this village, or the Morro de la Abella. Visit this charming village, declared a National Property of Cultural Interest due to its 48 preserved houses from the 17th and 18th centuries. Our last stop will be in the city of Vic, which has one of the most suggestive medieval sights of Catalonia. You  will see the most important corners of the medieval city such as the cathedral and Roman temple, sharing with you their secrets and history.Founded by an Iberian tribe in the fourth century BC, Vic—then known as Ausa—eventually fell under Roman rule, before the Visigoths arrived and then the Saracens. The city architecture is a mixture of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque and Modernista—stands as testament to times gone by. With the market stands gone, the arcaded facades of the old buildings in the Placa Major are marked with the vestiges of the city’s ancient past, including the pretty clock tower with its Moorish tiles and caged bells above. The city is known to many as the ‘saint’s town’ due to the plethora of churches in the area. Thus, it’s no surprise that the Episcopal Museum of Vic (Museo Episcopal de Vic) boasts a fantastic collection of Romanesque religious art, which includes gothic painting, sculpture and adornments. During your wisit you will see The Placa Major, Sant Pere Cathedral, Episcopal Museum, The Queralt Bridge, El Mercadal, La casa de la ciutat, Casa Cortada, Casa Natal de Sant Miquel dels Sants, Esglesia de Sant Just, Casa Fontcuberta, Hospital de la Santa Creu, Esglesia i convent de Sant Domenec, Esglesia de Sant Antoni M. Claret, Casa Bayes, El Bisbe Oliba, Catedral, Palau Episcopal, Pont de Queralt, Les Adoberies, L'albergueria, Esglesia dels Dolors C. de la Mare de Deu dels Dolors, El Museu Episcopal,  Call Jueu, Esglesia de la Pietat, Temple Roma i Castell dels Montcada,  Muralles de Pere III, Esglesia i convent de Santa Teresa, Cases Senyorials,Epoca Barroca, L'Estudiant de Vic, Casa Bojons, Casa Masferrer, Placa del Canonge Collell,  Casa de Ramon Sala i Sacala, Convent de les , Esglesia de Sant Felip. A trip to Vic is not complete, however, without sampling the beloved local sausages, fuet and llonganissa, both products of the local pig farming tradition. It is simply what’s expected, and going home empty handed is not an option.After that we will return to Barcelona.
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Countries: Spain

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