Caseificio Pieve Roffeno - Castello di Rocchetta Mattei - Porretta Terme

Price: 79.00 EUR
Countries: Italy
Route: Bologna - Caseificio Pieve Roffeno - Castello di Rocchetta Mattei - Porretta Terme - Bologna
Duration: 11 h
Our first stop we will make at the cheese factory  Caseificio Pieve Roffeno which is located at 880 meters above sea level, is a cooperative agricultural company which started its activity in 1967. The milk is delivered to the dairy by 6 farms. Crops and farms in an extremely healthy wooded, mountain area, allow the production of foods with intense flavors, unforgettable aromas and unique nutritional characteristics. Together with the creation of the dairy, the farm breeding of pigs that feed on the remains of dairy products and all products are offering in the local shop. During the visit you will learn about producing of cheese and taste the kinds of cheese. Next we will visit to Castello di Rocchetta Mattei that combines the medieval and the Moorish styles…very original and atypical for the area! It’s the Rocchetta Mattei, built in the second half of the Nineteenth Century by desire of count Cesare Mattei, intellectual and homeopath founder of a medical science called electromyopathy, a sort of mixture of homeopathy, phytotherapy, alchemy and magnetism. The medical practice exerted by Mattei soon spread throughout Europe and his remedies became very popular, even abroad. Mattei was also mentioned by Dostoevskji in The Brothers Karamazov. The construction of the castle began in 1850 (on the ruins of the ancient fortress of Savignano, which probably belonged to Matilde di Canossa) and continued throughout the life of the count, who resided there to direct the rebuilding and expansion works. The castle was in fact designed by Mattei to be the seat of his “new medicine” and to host people (including numerous illustrious guests of the time) who came to Rocchetta from all over the world to learn about his particular science and be treated by him. The structure of the castle was modified several times by the count during his life, making it a maze of towers, monumental staircases, reception rooms and private rooms that recall different styles, from medieval to Moorish, from Art Nouveau to gothic. Next we will visit to the thermal baths of Porretta have over 2000 years. The Thermal Pool of Porretta Terme will allow you to enjoy a new way of living an essential spa experience, thanks to the beneficial properties of the thermal springs. The Thermal Pool dug into the hill represents the ideal refuge to regain balance and serenity. The sulfurous and salsobromoiodic waters of Porretta’s thermae – rich in hydrogen sulphide, trace elements, salt and iodine – giving the experience of a day at the spa many curative advantages in a 35 ° salt-bromine iodine thermal water  – with cascade of water, whirlpools and vascular paths. A suggestive Bio sauna at 40 ° C, a Finnish Sauna at 80 ° C, a large Hammam flavored at 45 ° C, two emotional showers and a relaxation area constitute the refined environments – furnished with natural materials – of this area of ​​tranquility and privacy, surrounded by warm soft lights you will spend the time before we will return to Bologna.
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Countries: Italy

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