Nitra - Nitra Castle - Nitra Calvary - Hronsky Benadik monastery

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Countries: Slovakia
Route: Bratislava - Nitra - Nitra Castle - Nitra Calvary - Hronsky Benadik monastery - Bratislava
Duration: 7 h
Our tour we will start from visit to city called the mother of all Slovakian cities - Nitra. It is spread over seven hills, and has magnificent nature, sights, and interesting history. Territory of Nitra is permanently inhabited for nearly 30 thousand years. It was the seat of the Duke Pribina, who built and consecrated there the first Christian church in Slovakia. King Rastislav invited two brethrens Constantine and Methodius to spread Christianity among his people in their mother tongue here. We also thank Constantine for the first written Slavonic alphabet – the Glagolitsa. Next we will visit to the dominant of the oldest Slovak town Nitra is the Castle of Nitra. It was built in the 11th century on the site of a bulky Slav fort, the seat of the Nitra Princedom and Great Moravian rulers. Today it is the seat of the Bishopric of Nitra. The core of the Castle is the cathedral with the adjacent Bishops residence. The oldest surviving part of the Cathedral is the Romanesque church of St Emeram from the 11th or 12th century. It was rebuilt after fire in the second half of the 13th century and after Matúš Čáks soldiers destroyed it, a new Gothic church was built next to it in 1317. From then on it served as what is called ”trustworthy” place of chapter and later as the treasury of the cathedral. Today, it forms together with the Upper and Lower Churches the most valuable structure in the area of the Castle - the Bishops Cathedral. Among the most valuable monuments of the interior is the main altar of the Lower Church made by the Austrian sculptor J. Pernegger who used the painting of D. Voltera as a model. Also you can visit to the  Nitra Calvary with twelve chapels is located on one of the seven hills on which Nitra was built. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire town. Next we will visit to the Benedictine monastery in Hronsky Benadik consists of a set of fortified sacral buildings. The monastic complex its stunning visitors with contemporary monumentality is a unique combination of sacred buildings and fortification as well as the symbiosis of different building styles - Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. The complex of buildings even today seems to be as a guardian of the crossroads.Benedictine Abbey in Hronský Beňadik was solemnly consecrated in 1075 in the presence of the founder of the monastery, the Hungarian King Géza I. Archaeological research has proven that this place was inhabited already in the Great Moravian period. The construction of today's buildings complex took place during the reign of King Louis I - the Great of Anjou in the years 1345 - 1350. Significant monuments of fine art, liturgy, music and theological works had their origin just inside the walls of the Benedictine monastery. The Nitra codex, Latin Gospel and the oldest text written in Latin in Slovakia come from the monastery. It was also one of the so-called authoritative sites. His responsibilities included the issuance, validation and verification of relevant documents and papers, at the local convent people applied for proposal to solve disputes in property matters. The monastery was the place for storing archives and valuables at the same time. Monastery buildings stand around the court and space is completed by the dominant Temple Church of Our Lady and St. Benedict standing on the north side. After we return to Bratislava.
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Countries: Slovakia

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