Lubeck - Hamburg

Price: 79.00 EUR
Countries: Germany
Route: Bremen - Lubeck - Hamburg - Bremen
Duration: 10 h
Firstly we will visit to Lubeck which the Henry the Lion founded in 1159 at the confluence of the Trave and Schwartau rivers. In 1226, Emperor Frederick II granted the city the status of a free imperial city; this was the beginning of a commercial prosperity that led Lübeck to become the head of the Hanseatic League, of which more than a hundred cities were to become part. In 1370, the Hanseatic victory and the peace of Stralsund with the Danes brought Lübeck to its apogee. The capital of the North became the hub of trade between the Baltic and Western Europe. With its imposing old town, featuring major works of Nordic red-brick Gothic, Lübeck is also a lively and pleasant city. It has been inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List and is one of the cities in Germany with the most variety in styles and periods from the Middle Ages to Classicism and from the Gothic to the Renaissance. Our visit we will begin at the famous Holsten Gate, the world-famous symbol of hanseatic self-assurance which was the motif on the German banknote of 50 Marks. We continue to the Salt storehouses, six historic brick buildings from 16th–18th century, past the former industrial heart of the city, the Port of Lübeck where you will see of interest is the famous Town Hall with its traditional hanseatic architecture and history Hall, one of the most beautiful town halls in Germany. In 1230 its construction started right in the center of the Old Town on the market. The dark bricks of the Town Hall make a striking contrast to the traditional red-brick construction of the surrounding buildings. Next we visit St. Mary's Church, a fine brick gothic building, the third largest church in Germany. This Lutheran church full of art and atmosphere, with a very beautiful Chapel of Memory was constructed between 1250 and 1350. Outside St Mary Church, you can take a picture with the little devil and know his funny story. We will end our tour with a stroll through the famous streets and the decorated houses at Buddenbrook House, dedicated to the two writers Heinrich and Thomas Mann, and the “Buddenbrooks”. Next we will visit to the Hamburg where the walking tour will take you through over 1200 years of history in Germany’s largest port city. From a fort on a hill to one of the the world’s wealthiest cities, Hamburg is a city full of stories. During our journey through Hamburg’s historic old town you’ll take in the stunning 19th Century neo-renaissance Town Hall, built at the peak of Hamburg’s fortune. As we delve deeper into history of this free city state we will visit the charming historic Deichstrasse with it’s medieval buildings, and learn how the Great Fire ravaged the old town. Here we will also look at Hamburg’s era-defining red brick ‘Kontor House’ buildings. We too will have the chance to explore the former St. Nikolai Church, once one of the finest examples of neo-gothic architecture in Europe. Our city tour we will finish in the Speicherstadt commonly known as the Warehouse District, not only the most beautiful corner of town, but Hamburg’s first UNESCO World Heritage site! Here you will see the gorgeous warehouses that once stored tea, coffee, sugar, spices and much much more. The former warehouses now make up one of the trendiest districts in the country, let alone Hamburg! The jewel in the crown is of course Hamburg’s shining new concert hall, the Elbphilharmonic.Also during our visit you will see the Außenalster, the world famous Atlantic Hotel, the Lombardsbrücke, the Glockengießerwall, the entire Binnenalste, the Spitalerstrasse  and the Mönckebergstrasse. After free time we will return to Bremen.
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Countries: Germany

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