Peles Royal Palace - Bran Castle (Dracula) - Brasov

Price: 90.00 EUR
Countries: Romania
Route:  Bucharest - Peleș Royal Palace - Bran Castle (Dracula) - Brasov - Bucharest
Duration: 10 h
The way of our tour will go through the valley that inspired Bram Stoker to creation of "Dracula", on a trip we will visit Peles Palace, Bran Castle, the city of Brasov and see spectacular views of the Carpathians.
We will leave  Bucharest and journey towards the Carpathian Mountains through the scenic Prahova Valley to our first stop - Peleș Royal Palace located in Sinaia, Peles Castle is considered by many one of the most beautiful castles in all Europe. The castle was built in wood, stone, bricks and marble and comprises more than 160 rooms. The representative style used is German Renaissance, but one can easily discover elements belonging to the Italian Renaissance, Gothic, German Baroque and French Rococo style. Almost adjacent to Peles Castle is Pelisor ("Little Peles"). King Ferdinand, who succeeded Carol I, intended to use Peles Castle as a summer residence. Supposedly he found Peles too big and overwhelming, so he commissioned the smaller, art-nouveau style, Pelisor Castle. Pelisor's 70 rooms feature a unique collection of turn-of-the century Viennese furniture and Tiffany and Lalique glassware.  Our next stop will be at Bran Castle which was built between 1377 and 1388 atop a strategic site overlooking a heavily trafficked mountain pass between Transylvania and Wallachia, the land over which Vlad the Impaler ruled in the 15th century. Also known as Vlad III Dracula, the ruler is widely believed to be the inspiration for Count Dracula due to his historic bloodlust. He liked to torture people and would impale his enemies on the battlefield to deter his other enemies. During invasions, he was also known to use the scorched-earth policy, a military strategy that consists of destroying any possible resource that the enemy could use by poisoning water supplies and burning crops. After we will go to the popular tourist town of Brașov, founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1211 to defend the border of the Kingdom of Hungary. Stroll through Council Square (Piața Sfatului) to reach the Old Town Hall, before finishing by admiring the medieval buildings of the square. After we will back to Bucharest.
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Countries: Romania

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