Szentendre Skanzen Village Museum - Szentendre - Boat trip

Price: 57.00 EUR
Countries: Hungary
Route: Budapest - Szentendre Skanzen Village Museum - Szentendre - Boat trip - Budapest
Duration: 6 h
Firstly we will visit to the Skanzen is the biggest open air museum of Hungary and is situated at the foot of the Pilis Mountains, on the territory of a nature reserve. On the 60 hectares 312 buildings can be visited, all organised into regional units. The unique flora and fauna of the Museum makes its natural surroundings special too. The permanent exhibitions of the Skanzen take the visitors back to the rural countryside of 100-200 years ago, where walking among old buildings settled in a traditional settlement pattern, visitors have the unique experience of folk architecture, interior furnishings and way of life. Weekdays and holidays come to life in yards, houses, barns, workshops and churches: the housekeeper is busy in the kitchen, the miller pours grain to the mill-hopper, animals are loud in the farmyard and a bell calls the pupils to the village school. Next we will visit to the Szentendre ('St Andrew' in Hungarian)  the Artist's Village or the Painter's Town at the southern gateway to the Danube Bend but has none of the imperial history or drama of Visegrád or Esztergom. As an art colony turned lucrative tourist centre, Szentendre strikes many travellers as a little too 'cute', and it is rammed with visitors most of the year. The town's dozens of art museums, galleries and churches are well worth the trip.  Szentendre features curvy cobblestone lanes, Mediterranean-style homes, and a bustling riverfront community with plenty of local restaurants and shops to discover. After a walk around the historical centre we invite you for the fried Hungarian flat bread Lángos. After the guided tour you have the advantage to take a walk, do some shopping or to visit some museums. Next we will go to the local pier where we set to the boat and take a boat trip to the Budapest. During it you can see the sides of Danube river from the water and relax after your walk in the Szentendre. In case of low - water and during winter time return to Budapest by bus.
Price: Per person
Gunda, 11.01.2023
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Countries: Hungary

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