Benrath Palace - Burg Castle

Price: 40.00 EUR
Countries: Germany
Route: Dusseldorf - Benrath Palace - Burg Castle - Dusseldorf
Duration: 5 h
Firstly we will visit to the Benrath Palace with its fanciful pink façade and landscaped gardens stretching all the way to the banks of the Rhine, Benrath Palace (Schloss Benrath) is one of the region’s most attractive baroque palaces. In 1755 Elector Palatine Carl Theodor ordered court architect Nicolas de Pigage to build Benrath Palace. The building was finished in the 1770ies. In accordance with the baroque ideal the Corps de Logis (main palace) is the formal and functional centre of the entire complex. The surrounding gardens relate to the main palace, thus establishing a total work of art. Same as the palace – which is the highlight as well as the terminal of the building type called ‘Maison de Plaisance’, that had been developed since the 17th century – the park is a remarkable result of a (late) baroque development, which was superseded by the English landscape garden shortly afterwards. The rooms in the main castle are sumptuously decorated with enormous chandeliers, opulent frescoes, marble floors and statuary galore. Some furniture is still original to the palace, including richly carved console tables and a delicate lady’s writing desk. The wings have been converted into two museums, one covering natural history in the lower Rhine, the other European garden art. But it’s the park and gardens that are the real draw, with an enormous pond and canal surrounded by magnificent trees, lush flowerbeds and of course, more statues. Next we will visit to the Burg Castle has two great stories and thousands of small ones! The castle is enthroned on a hill above the River Wupper. The site was tailor-made for a secure seat of mediaeval Baronial power. Work on the castle started around 1130 and from then on the Dukes of Berg lived here for several centuries, all the while constantly enlarging their sphere of influence. By the end of the fifteenth century their successors ruled over huge areas of what is now North Rhine Westphalia! Later they moved their seat of power to Düsseldorf and Burg Castle declined in significance.  The tour will lead you through the secrets of Schloss Burg Castle, tell you its stories and show you hidden places. After we return to Dusseldorf.
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Countries: Germany

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