Seckau Abbey - Murau castle - Murau Brewery

Price: 47.00 EUR
Countries: Austria
Route: Graz - Seckau Abbey - Murau castle - Murau Brewery - Graz
Duration: 8 h
Our first stop will be at high plateau on the slope of the Seckau Alps, not far from Knittelfeld, Spielberg and Judenburg, is one of the most interesting destinations in the Murtal steeped in history and culture: the Benedictine abbey of Seckau, formerly the canon monastery and seat of the bishopric of the diocese. Since the 12th century, the icon of grace "Our Lady of Seckau" has been captivating visitors in the Romanesque basilica. There you will see the Romanesque grouping of crucifixes, the Habsburg mausoleum and the Seckau Apocalypse by Herbert Boeckl in the Angel Chapel are worth seeing, all of which can be visited and explained during a guided tour through the "World of the Monks". Also many guests from at home and abroad are also interested in the award-winning distillery in the cellar and the guided tours offered there with tastings of Seckau abbey schnapps and liqueurs  and after you can visit to the abbey shop. Our next stop we will make in town of Murau in Western Styria which  is probably the most visually attractive of all the regional towns in Styria. Nestled on a particularly scenic stretch of the Mur Valley (Murtal), the town is defined by its photogenic ensemble of pastel-colored houses perched alongside the clear, gushing waters of the Mur River. Murau’s compact center is based around the triangular Schillerplatz, surrounded by the elegant Renaissance townhouses of late-medieval merchants, a testament to the town’s industrial past as a crossroads of trading routes. There you will see  the Church of St. Matthew (Stadtpfarrkirche St Matthäus). Consecrated in the 13th century in Gothic style, the church was later altered in the Baroque style and now showcases both these styles.  The interior of the church is decorated with some beautiful historical frescoes, most notable of which are the Entombment of Christ and Annunciation and Christ’s ascent to heaven from Mount Tabor. Don’t miss the Gothic Crucifixion group in the Baroque high altar and statues of the eleven apostles on the pillars. Next we will visit the Murau Castle, owned by the Schwarzenberg family.  First mentioned as a castle (Burg) in 1250, it is thought to have been built by Ulrich von Liechtenstein. Murau was long under the rule of the Liechtenstein family, and, after the dynasty died out, it remained the property of the widow Anna Neumann von Wasserleonburg. In 1617, Anna Neumann wed for the sixth time, this time to the Imperial Count Georg Ludwig of Schwarzenberg. The Schwarzenbergs have owned Murau Castle ever since. Guided tours through the castle, including the picture gallery, kitchen, dungeon and chapel, offer a vivid insight into life behind the castle gates, the history of rule and the House of Schwarzenberg, and of course the chronicles of Murau Castle itself. Also in Murau we will visit to Brewery of the Senses  at the Murau Brewery on Raffaltplatz where a two-hour tour will provides a vivid introduction into the beer-making process.  During the tour among other attractions, visitors can expect audiovisual stations; a demonstration well that is unique in Austria and illustrates the importance of water; olfactory und auditory stations; and the chance to sample some Murau beer specialities at the end of the tour. After we will return to Graz.
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Countries: Austria

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