Groningen boat trip

Groningen boat trip
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Groningen boat trip Groningen boat trip Groningen boat trip Groningen boat trip Groningen boat trip Groningen boat trip Groningen boat trip Groningen boat trip Groningen boat trip Groningen boat trip
Route: Groningen
Duration: 1 h
Welcome to the best open boat cruise in Groningen. DUring te boat trip you will heard authentic stories about Groningen. Enjoy Groningen’s canals, interesting information, and unlimited free drinks for a whole hour. On the way we will pass Oude Museum (Westerhaven), warehouses Hoge en Lage der A, AA-kerk, hoek van Ameland, Noorderhaven, De Prinsenhof, Martinitoren and the Stadsschouwburg (the city’s concert hall).
Price: Per person
Price: 16.00 EUR
Countries: Netherlands

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