Winery tour Lavaux - Christophe Chappuis winery

Price: 168.00 EUR
Countries: Switzerland
Route: Lausanne - Lavaux - Christophe Chappuis winery - Lausanne
Duration: 3 h
Explore the terraced vineyards of Lavaux. Of the five Vaudois wine regions, the UNESCO "Lavaux" region (between Lausanne and Montreux) is undoubtedly the most spectacular. The steep terraced vineyards benefit from three-fold warmth from solar, thermal and radiation sources: Directly from the sun, mirrored reflections from Lake Geneva and that of heat stored in the many stone walls in the surroundings. No wonder that this is the source of Switzerland’s Grand Crus in wine. Taste locally produced wines in an authentic wine cellar and learns more about local wine growing culture and grape varieties. Assist a Lavaux winemaker in his daily work and enjoy an authentic experience of man and vine. Your on-site host will be happy to present 4 wines typical of the terraced vineyards of the Lavaux wine region. You’ll have time to roam about and take pictures of the majestic lake of Geneva & the mountains.  Following your first tastings of “Chasselas” (the prime indigenous white grape of the Lavaux), you’ll enjoy further specialty wines accompanied by some light snacks including cheeses. Also you will visit to Christophe Chappuis winery. Passionate about been a wine maker and about his hometown of Lavaux, Christophe Chappuis likes to help others discover his world and the legacy of his ancestors, winegrowers in Lavaux since 1335 for 19 generations! He even lets visitors feel what it’s like to be him for a few hours, with his "Lavaux-Experience". A workshop by the vines or in the cellar, a tasting, a typical meal at the Auberge de Rivaz . Christophe Chappuis produces 13 vintages, from a dozen grape varieties. Chasselas, the king of Lavaux, is widely available, accompanied by many other varieties: Viognier, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Gamaret, Merlot, Diolinoir and Syrah. The range of wines produced by Christophe Chappuis clearly show his creativity, especially his "St-Saphorin au féminin" and "St-Saphorin au masculin," a concept developed according to the men and women’s different tastes. After we will return to Lausanne.
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Countries: Switzerland

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