St. Wolfgang - Wolfgangsee Boat trip - St. Gilgen - Salzburg

Price: 56.00 EUR
Countries: Austria
Route: Linz - St. Wolfgang - Wolfgangsee Boat trip - St. Gilgen - Salzburg - Linz
Duration: 9 h
Our first stop in this tour will be at St Wolfgang which is a charming town situated on the steep banks of the Wolfgangsee. The village’s main fame arose as a place of pilgrimage, and today’s visitors still come to see the same 14th-century church, packed with art treasures.  This church is built on a rocky outcrop, which explains its irregular floorplan. Inside, there are two superb altarpieces: one, by Michael Pacher (1481), shows a rare unity in its composition, blending painting and wooden sculptures, and is a masterpiece of Gothic art. The other, a double altarpiece by Thomas Schwanthaler (1674-1675), is a Baroque masterpiece. After visit to the church we will take a boat trip throuth the lake.  Where you will see the beautiful views of mounts and small villages . Our boat reach the village St. Gilgen where we will continue our tour to Salzburg. The pretty Alpine style houses a of St Gilgen add a lot of color to the village.  Also the St Gilgen is the place where  Mozart’s mother was born. Her father’s erstwhile residence has now been converted into a museum, a stone’s throw away from the lake and is open to the public. Our next stop will be at Salzburg - town of Mozart  where we will take walking tour takes you past the Mirabell Gardens, Mozarteum (music academy) - Marionette Theatre, Landestheatre (Regional Theatre) - Markart Square then over the river Salzach passing Mozarts Birthplace, Getreidegasse, Blasius Church, Horse pond and Festival Halls - Then via the Sigmundsgate into the Riedenburg area passing by the Hohensalzburg Fortress to the Nonntal area with the famous Nonnberg Abbey. After excursion you will take a free time. After we will return to Linz.
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Countries: Austria

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