Como - Milan

Price: 52.00 EUR
Countries: Italy, Switzerland
Route: Lugano - Como - Milan - Lugano
Duration: 7 h
Our first stop in this tour will be at Como city which located  at  Lake Como  one of the most beautiful areas in Italy, as it boasts breathtaking landscapes, historic and picturesque towns, elegant villas, Mediterranean-style gardens, a mild and pleasant climate. All these beautiful characteristics were already known in Roman times when Como was one of the main centers along Via Regina, a historic route that used to link the Po Valley with the northern areas of the Alps. Our city tour will begin from the beautiful public garden near the lake, with an imposing Memorial to the Fallen of the Great War and Tempio Voltiano (Volta Temple), built in remembrance of Alessandro Volta, inventor of the electric batteries who was born in this city. After a pleasant walk along the lakeshore, we will reach the neoclassical Villa Olmo , whose name comes from a magnificent elm that used to be in the villa's garden ("olmo" is the Italian word for elm). Next will go back to the city center and Piazza Cavour is a magnificent square that overlooks the lake. From here, we will head towards the historic center and get to the monumental Piazza Duomo, overlooked by the thirteenth-century Torre del Comune. Other remarkable buildings located in the square are Broletto, the historic home to the town hall, and the majestic Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. The interiors are worth a visit thanks to the paintings, the altars and the decorated tapestries. Walking along the quaint streets of Como is an attraction itself, being the city really charming in every corner. While walking, we will stop and have a deeper look at Basilica di San Fedele , a former Romanesque Cathedral, the Civic Museums, the Art Gallery, Piazza Vittoria, and Porta Torre, a twelfth-century tower-shaped fortification. Just a few hundreds of meters away there is another beautiful city church, the Basilica di Sant'Abbondio, a masterpiece of the Romanesque style with its five-aisle decorated interiors, facade and two towers. After free time we will drive to Milan. Our tour will show you Milan in a different way, like an art city, rich of history and that's able to offer you glimpses between past and present. The tour provides the visit to all major monuments like: Duomo Cathedral the most famous gotic Cathedral in the world, Vittorio Emanuele Gallery - historic gallery in front of Duomo Square with some historic and luxury stores, La Scala Square , Sforzesco Castle the medieval castel where lives "II Barbarossa" and Milan historical families like Sforza and Visconti. After free time we will return to Lugano.
Price: Per person
Hanna, 27.10.2022
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Countries: Italy, Switzerland

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