Cassis - Toulon - Saint-Tropez

Price: 145.00 EUR
Countries: France
Route: Marseilles - Cassis - Toulon - Saint-Tropez - Marseilles
Duration: 10 h
The first stop of our tour will be at small village  of Cassis which is really charming place to stay in the summer with its narrow streets and squares, its houses with colourful facades, its quaysides, its lively cafe terraces and its beautiful beaches. It is situated in a natural Calanque (Cove) between pine forests, white and ochre rocks and vineyards which stretch to the Mediterranean Sea. There you will tast local wines from local wineries.  Our next stop will be at city Toulon with its port sit in a magnificent natural harbour, one of the most beautiful in Europe. Cronstadt quay, situated alongside Darse Vieille dock, is a very popular spot thanks to its many shops and cafés. The very picturesque old town features numerous fountains, including the famous Trois-Dauphins (“three dolphins”) in the charming Place Puget square, busy, typical narrow streets and a colourful Provençal market in Cours Lafayette. A stay in Toulon is also the chance to sample the famous bourride, a local soup made with white fish and aioli, a Provençal garlic mayonnaise. Of cause we will visit to  the mount Faron, a limestone massif reaching 584 metres at its highest point, offers a magnificent panoramic view of the natural harbour and the Saint-Mandrier peninsula. A cable car takes you to its top. The next stop of the tour will be in  Saint Tropez, one of the favourite holiday getaways for the jet set. We'll wander its narrow streets and its citadel, evidence of its traditional charm, despite the luxury of the town. Saint-Tropez became famous in the XX century, thanks to the films are removed with Brigitte Bardot, comedy with Louis de Funes and youth television series of the same name «Saint-Tropez». Today it is a town of luxury villas celebrities, expensive restaurants and shops, trendy youth gatherings, and of course, a town of great artists. At the time, there lived and worked Paul Signac, Pierre Bonnard and Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse. The favorite «sport» in Saint Tropez is «to show themselves and to see others». Visitors love to sit with a glass of wine in restaurants or cafes, on the terrace, watching other people, hoping to meet global celebrity or movie star. In the main port of Saint-Tropez there are many moored yachts, which are also «compete» with each other in beauty, luxury, size, cost and vigor crews. Saint Tropez is the style, luxury and entertainment. When you will spend all your money we will return to Marselles.
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Countries: France

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