Marseilles city tour

Price: 23.00 EUR
Countries: France
Route: Marseilles
Duration: 3 h
Explore with us and visit the most interesting aspects of the old town - Le Panier. Beginning at Fort St Jean we explore the gardens and the Fort to gain an understanding of the how the city developed from the period prior to the French Révolution up to the modern city of today. Heading next for the Cathédrale St Marie Majeur - the second of the two principle cathédrales in the city and then on into the old town - Le Panier to explore the tiny streets & squares. Le Panier holds one of the treasures of the old town - La Vielle Charité the ancient hospice that sits in the centre, we explore the Innside walkways to marvel at this 17th century architecture. Then a leisurely walk to explore the tiny streets - art galleries, local shops and artisans who live and work here and soak up the atmosphere of the old town. Finally on to visit Hôtel Dieu and Pavillon Daviel and the historic buildings of the old port before returning along the port to Fort St Jean and visit to the beautifful Notre Dame de la Garde.
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Countries: France

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