Varese - Rocca di Angera castle - Island dei Pescatori - Island Bella - Borromeo Palace

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Countries: Italy
Route: Milan - Varese - Rocca di Angera castle - Island dei Pescatori - Island Bella - Borromeo Palace - Milan
Duration: 11 h
Firstly we will stop at the the Sacro Monte di Varesewhich s a UNESCO World Heritage. The 17th-century Holy Road and hamlet of Santa Maria del Monte are one of Varese and indeed Lombardy's must-visit destinations. There are 14 chapels dotted along the Holy Road which leads to the top. All are dedicated to the Mysteries of the Rosary and constitute truly exceptional works of art. Each one has its own architectural design, characterised by meticulous attention to detail, with sculptures and paintings inside. When you stop to admire the art, don't forget to tilt your head back and observe the magnificent frescoes on the ceilings. Once you have passed the final chapel, you'll find yourself before the ascent which leads to the Santuario and the hamlet of Santa Maria del Monte. Here, you are greeted by an enormous statue of Moses and a fantastic panoramic view, after which you can climb the steps and enter the Santuario. This represents the end of your journey through the Mysteries of the Rosary, depicting the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven in the glory of the Angels and Saints; it is not very large, but packed with frescoes to admire. Also we will visit to Basilica di San Vittore in Varese and after continue our tour to Lake Maggiore. Next we will visit to the Rocca di Angera castle which is located In a strategic position to control traffic through the area, the historiographical tradition associates the events of Angera with the Visconti family and its consolidation after the victory in the Battle of Desio in 1277. The spectacular Rocca di Angera is the perfectly harmonious accumulation of five different constructions, built starting from the 11th century and until the 17th: the Torre Castellana, the Ala Scaligera, the Ala Viscontea, the Torre di Giovanni Visconti and the Ala dei Borromeo. It is impossible not to be astounded by the dimensions and grandeur of this building and by the solemnity of the Sala del Buon Romano, the Sala delle Mitologia, the Sala delle Ceremonie, the Sala di San Carlo and the Sala dei Fasti Borromeo, where large canvases, portraits and furnishings take you back to ancient times. During the visit you will see the Sala della Giustizia (Justice Room) , the cycle of paintings which is the main historical narration of the exploits of Ottone Visconti against Napoleone della Torre,  the Sala delle Ceremonie(Ceremonies Room) , created by the school of Michelino da Besozzo, they are one of the most important examples of Lombard Late Gothic painting with non-religious subjects. Next we will use a pleasant cruise on Lake Maggiore by boat to enjoy the panoramic view of the Borromean Gulf and of its jewels. The first stop at Borromean islands we will make at Isola dei Pescatori (Fishermen’s Island) and time for a pleasant walk along its narrow lanes, discovering cute corners and shops. After we will continue our boat trip to the Isola Bella (Beautiful Island), the best-known among the Islands of the Borromean Gulf. Between XVI and XVII century Charles III Borromeo dedicated himself to build a Baroque style palace and named the island Isabella, in honour of his wife, Isabella D’Adda. His son Vitaliano VI created the wonderful garden in baroque style with its ten blooming terraced gardens enriched with basins, fountains, water sprays architectural perspectives and a multitude of statues. There we will visit to the Palazzo Borromeo which is the princely Baroque dwelling that has been continually transformed over the centuries, from the start of the building work in the mid-17th century at the wishes of Vitaliano VI to the creation of the Salone Nuovo (New Room) in the years of the post war period with Vitaliano X. A fascinating itinerary between art and history will accompanies you through its over 20 rooms, the most significant of which are the Sala del Trono (Throne Room), the Sala delle Regine (Queens’ Room), the Sala di Napoleone (Napoleon’s Room) -where the French general slept during his stay on the island – and the room with the splendid Flemish silk and gold tapestries. Then there are the truly unique Galleria Berthier and the grottoes. For history lovers, a fundamental place to visit is the Sala della Musica (Music Room). After free time we will return to Milan.
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Countries: Italy

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