Nuremberg city tour

Price: 11.00 EUR
Countries: Germany
Route: Nuremberg
Duration: 2 h
Lose yourself in the picturesque streets and corners of the city, and learn the history hidden between its stunning walls. We will start our route from the main square in the old town, Hauptmarkt where admire the impressive Schöner Brunnen, the fountain composed by figures that represent the world view of the Holy Roman Empire and is decorated by two brass rings, golden and black. It is said that you have to rotate them, one of them brings you good luck in life, and the other one gives you luck in pregnancy, also witness the beauty of the Church of Our Lady, known as Frauenkirche. Next we will continue towards the Kaiserburg Castle, such a jewel of the medieval Holy Roman Empir. Here, we will enjoy the best panoramic views of the old town. In addition, you will learn everything about the renowned Albrecht Dürer and the popular museum that reveals the life of the artist. Then, we will wander along Trödelmarkt, well-known as the “love island” a little and beautiful island in Pegnitz River. Also we will take a stroll along the Way of Human Rights, one of the main entrances from outside the wall. Decorated by numerous monumental columns, this is considered an open-air museum where we will unfold what happened in the 12 Nuremberg Trials that took place during the Second World War between the allied nations that fought to combat the human abuses and crimes. During the tour you will see Hauptmarkt, Schöner Brunnen, Frauenkirche, Kaiserburg, Albrecht Dürer’s House, Way of Human Rights, Tiergartnertor-platz, Schlemmereck and much more!
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Countries: Germany

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