Nyborg Castle - Copenhagen

Price: 63.00 EUR
Countries: Denmark
Route: Odense - Nyborg Castle - Copenhagen - Odense
Duration: 9 h
Our first stop will be at the Nyborg Castlewhich is a restored medieval castle in Nyborg on the Danish island of Funen. The castle in the heart of Nyborg town was an important royal palace from the 13th century up until 1560, and  it was here that King Eric V Klipping signed Denmark's first constitution in 1282. The castle was also the venue for the Danehof, the country's first parliament.  Though only a part of the structure survives, the castle is fairly impressive seen from certain angles, and houses banqueting halls and a museum. It's photogenically set behind earthwork bastions and a partial moat amid a loop of pretty medieval buildings. The castle is operated as a part of Østfyns Museum (Østfyns Museer) which also includes Borgmestergården in Mads Lerches Gård. Next we will reach the Copenhagen which has a rich history as a major city on the edge of the Baltic. It grew from a little fishing town to the capital of Denmark, and survived fire, plague, invasion and just about everything in between. Nowadays Copenhagen is known as a culture capital, a hub of design and experimentation, a place for foodies and a land of fairy tales. The tour focus on the cultural life and development of Copenhagen, as well as on historical landmarks. During this tour you will see The City Hall, Christiansborg palace, The old City Center, Nyhavn harbour, The Royal Palace of Amalienborg, The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek with its impressive national and international art collection, seat of the Danish Parliament and also comprising the Royal Reception Rooms, Thorvaldsen's Museum, The National Museum, The Royal Theatre, world famous for its Royal Ballet. The Royal Family's residence, Amalienborg Palace, the Little Mermaid, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale. After free time we will return to Odense.
Price: Per person
Keto, 17.04.2023
Xiana, 19.02.2023
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Countries: Denmark

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