Monument of the Battle of Mohacs - Szeged

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Countries: Hungary
Route: Pecs - Monument of the Battle of Mohacs - Szeged - Pecs
Duration: 9 h
Our first short stop we will make at the monument of the Battle of Mohács which was fought on 29 August 1526 near Mohács, and was a crucial event for the history of Europe for the following centuries. In the battle, forces of the Kingdom of Hungary led by King Louis II and Bohemia were defeated by forces of the Ottoman Empire led by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. The Ottoman victory led to the partition of Hungary for several centuries between the Ottoman Empire, the Habsburg Monarchy, and the Principality of Transylvania. The death of King Louis II as he was fleeing from the battlefield marked the end of the Jagiellonian dynasty both in Hungary and in Bohemia. The Historical Memorial Park of Mohács was set up in 1976 as a natural monument of the Battle of Mohács on the 450th anniversary of the battle. The park is a graveyard of more than 1700 soldiers. The central building of the park is the atrium, which was designed by György Vadász. In the centre of the atrium stands a fountain reminding us of a broken flower. The three parts of the broken rose symbolizes our country that was divided into three parts. Furthetmore, on the walls of the atrium, historical and archaeological tableaus depicting the battle can also be seen. In the park, there is also an elliptically arranged graveyard which was designed by gardener Buda Zalay. In the graveyard, there are five common graves without any systematic order. Among the common graves can be seen the statues of King Louis II, Pál Tomori, Dorottya Kanizsai, Sultan Sulejman, and many unknown soldiers carved of wood. The building bears the shape of the Holy Crown of Hungary. The unconventional exhibition taking place inside the building is intended to make the battle a concrete, tangible historical experience for all the visitors. Apart from viewing the contemporary archaeological findings, visitors can also watch a historical film. The main attraction of the new exhibition, however, is the visualized battleground, where visitors can see themselves in contemporary clothes in a filmic background by the means of the so called augmented reality technique. Next we will reach the Szeged - home to the pairless Szeged slippers , the most Hungarian Spice, the Hungarian paprika and Hungarian Pick salami. According to the legends Attila, king of the Huns had his seat nearby and was buried here. Despite its rich history, the layout of today's city was mostly shaped by the great flood of 1879 of Szeged, which literally wiped away the whole tow. During the following years, a new and modern Szeged with palaces and wide avenues - emerged from the ruins.Awaiting you in Szeged is an Art Nouveau synagogue of unbelievable beauty, dramatic squares skirted by palaces, a museum in a bold Neoclassical Palace and a decorative brick church that is the fourth-largest building in Hungary. Our tour we start from the Széchenyi square, one of the largest square in Europe, a beautifully landscaped green park with trees and benches and the neo-baroque style City Hall, built in 1799. We continue to Virág Cukrászda (founded in 1922) for a delicious coffee, then Attila József Science University one of the most distinguished universities in Hungary. Through Heroes' Gate we reach the most notable square in Szeged's inner city, where the symbol of the town, the gigantic Neo-Romanesque, brown-brick Votive Church, called also Szeged Dom, and the oldest monument of Szeged, the St. Demetrius Tower stands. The church gives home to the biggest organ of Hungary (11 500 pipes). The Serbian Orthodox church in Dom square, dating from 1778, has a fantastic iconostasis: a central gold 'tree', with 60 icons hanging from its 'branches'. Dom square also contains the National Pantheon, which consists of statues and reliefs of 80 notables in Hungarian art, literature, culture and history.  On Dom square we hear the enchating tune of the Music Clock, made in 1936, displaying figures of notable professors and students in every hour. We also see the 500 years old horn’s patch of the city - in Matthias Church of Szeged, and one of the most beautiful buildings of Hungarian Secession, Reök Palace Szeged and more. After we will return to Pecs.
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Countries: Hungary

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