Znin - Wenecja - Biskupin - Gniezno

Price: 52.00 EUR
Countries: Poland
Route: Poznan - Znin - Wenecja - Biskupin - Gniezno - Poznan
Duration: 8 h
Firstly we will visit to the Żnin where the first station of Żnin County Railways is located. You will enter one of the colourful carriages and the journey begins. Going towards Wenecja, you can notice the typical Pałuki landscape outside – picturesque fields, hills, and peatbogs. The first stop will be  at the holiday resort near the edge of Lake Weneckie.  The next stop is Wenecja Dolna. The train comes to a halt directly by the Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum, where the ruins of the Wenecja Devil’s castle can be seen on the other side of the tracks. Having got familiar with the highlights of Wenecja, you can carry on. The route takes you along the shore of Lake Biskupin. After some time, you can enjoy the view of the reconstruction of Biskupin village on the peninsula – the famous Archaeological Museum. Next we will visit to the Biskupin which is the best known archaeological reserve in Central Europe. The discovery of a 2700-year-old fortified settlement on the peninsula of Lake Biskupinskie was one of the most important events in 20th century Polish archaeology. Building of the Lusatian culture fortified settlement began in the middle of the 8th century BC. The 2 ha swampy peninsula was first surrounded by a breakwater of slanting piles driven into the ground, then it was encloused by a rampart made of timber compartments filled up with earth and covered with clay. The settlement comprised thirteen rows of wooden houses, each row covered by a common thatched roof of reeds. There were about 100 dwellings altogether - one for each family. All the homes had similar area (about 80 sq m), divided into two parts: a vestibule and a main chamber. The big room had a fireplace in the centre and a large bed on the left where a whole family of eight to ten persons could sleep. The whole settlement is thought to have had about 800 - 1000 inhabitants. The only acces into the village was over 250 metre long bridge running from the southern shore of the lake to a single gateway ion the rampart, probably surmounted by a guard tower.Next we will visit to the Gniezno which is deautifully located on five hills among lakes, this town was the original capital of Poland  and Gniezno is also the most important town of the Piastowski Route which links places connected with the origins of the Polish state. In Gniezno you will see the town’s many historical objects dating back to Mieszko I, Dabrowka, Boleslaw Chrobry and Saint Adalbert.Rated as one of the oldest towns in Poland, Gniezno maintains a unique place on the country’s map. Nearly all of historic buildings within its walls can trace their origins to the earliest period of the Polish state.  Gniezno is also recognised as a significant place of worship of Saint Adalbert, the first bishop of Prague. There we will visit to the 14th-century Gothic Cathedral, with its priceless memorabilia, relics, and the tomb of Saint Adalbert that draws Catholics from all over Europe. The Cathedral witnessed the coronation of the first five Polish kings, and has the archive containing several of Poland’s earliest manuscripts. There are also several Gothic churches to see in this history-laden town, and the Archdiocesan Museum and the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State are well worth a visit. After free time we return to Poznan.
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Countries: Poland

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