Hrastovlje - Trieste - Piran

Price: 98.00 EUR
Countries: Croatia, Italy, Slovenia
Route: Rijeka - Hrastovlje - Trieste - Piran - Rijeka
Duration: 11 h
Our first stop on our tour will be at Church of the Holy Trinity in Hrastovlje. On the edge of village Hrastovlje, among vineyards and olive trees you will spot a stone wall above which a bell tower of the church of the Holy Trinity peeks. The church was built in the 15th century and the wall with two defence towers (for protection against Turk invaders) were built about 100 years after. The architecture of the church is very interesting - both walls and roof are made of stone. The church itself is quite small, but it boasts with the greatest and best preserved frescoes in Slovenia. The painter 'John of Kastav' painted the entire interior (walls, arches and ceilings) with his team and completed his work in 1490. Frescoes are of earthly colors, motifs mainly religious and they show apostles, Coronation of Mary, Three Holy Kings, Stations of the Cross, the creation of Earth but the most famous fresco is certainly the “Dance of the Dead”. Frescoe “Dance of the Dead” is a parade of various people from the society, who march together with skeletons towards death. The motif supposedly originates from the epidemics of plague and conveys that death does not choose between the rich and the poor, the young or the old. Our second stop will be at Trieste where you can join walking tour and discover the beautiful city of Trieste. This place is - strangely - still quite "ignored" by most of the touristic flows, but it represents a real gem of Italy, although geographically isolated from the rest of Italy. During this tour you will breath the authentic atmosphere of the city, while you walk along its ancient streets, alleys and historical buildings. The tour will "touch" some of the most important spots of the ancient Trieste, like the main square (Piazza Cavana), the Cathedral of San Giusto, the Castle of San Giusto, the Roman Theater, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Church of San Silvestro, the "Borgo Teresiano" and the Grand Canal. During your walk, especially when you're near Piazza Cavana, don't forget to take a look at the beautiful historical buildings all around you, from the fruit markets to the craft fairs. From a few panoramic spots, you'll also have the chance to enjoy a beautiful view of the city, the harbor and the sea. Our next stop will be at Piran. Piran is one of the oldest and most beautiful Slovene towns with rich history and culture. Almost 500 years lasting Venetian influence has given this town an inimitable charm. Its culture heritage is not at home only in museums since the architectural and artistic pearls, which decorate the everyday life of the local people, can be found at every corner. Giuseppe Tartini, the world famous composer and violinist, who was born and raised in Piran, had a great impact on the town. Today, his bronze statue adorns the town’s main square together with Tartini’s house where visitors can admire one of his violins. The Tartini Square is surrounded by majestic buildings, such as the richly decorated Municipal Palace, Tartini Theatre, Maritime Museum, Aquarium, Marine Biological Station, Baroque House and Apollonio Palace. On the hill above the town is the biggest and most important church, the Church of Saint George, which offers a wonderful view. Piran’s town wall, narrow streets, fishermen’s nets, compact houses that rise up the slope and beautiful sea will give you the feeling of walking through a painting. Do not hesitate, take a walk through the town’s narrow streets as soon as possible and satisfy all your senses. After we will back to Rijeka
Price: per person
Countries: Croatia, Italy, Slovenia

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