Hum - Motovun - Labin - Opatija

Price: 85.00 EUR
Countries: Croatia
Route: Rijeka - Hum - Motovun - Labin - Opatija - Rijeka
Duration: 10 h
Our first stop will be at the city Hum which is the smallest city of the world. Hum was built with the stones left over when giants were building towns in the river Mirna valley, in central Istria that includes wonderful hill towns such as Motovun, Roc and Bale. Despite its small number of residents Hum has preserved the old ritual “Election of the prefect for a year” when all the men from the parish gather at the Municipal Loggia (town hall) to elect the city superior by carving their votes into a wooden stick. Our second stop will be at che city Motovun which is the most attractive medieval town of Istria. This fascinating site on top of a hill is a characteristic symbol of the interior of Istria. The bell tower, which is 13th century Romanesque – Gothic with a crown that is crenulated, dominates the centre of the historic town from its position adjacent to St Stephen’s 17th century parish church. In the centre square stands the Romanesque Municipal Palace, which was Istria’s biggest secular building at the time it was built; many other historical buildings surround it. The next stop of our tour will be city Labin which is the city of artists. There are some 30 artists living and working there as well as several galleries. In the summer the old centre is taken over by the Art Republic, a combination of music, performance and fine arts. The town gates of St Flor built in 1587 lead to the old town. There is also a 17th century tower in the town offering a magnificent view, and another square tower. Our last stop of our tour will be at city Opatija.Opatija’s rich history and picturesque surroundings should not be missed. So when in Opatija, take a break from the beach and go sightseeing. Renaissance, Venetian, Gothic, ornate Secession, playful Baroque, Classicism, Alpine Baroque… Buildings of completely different styles have been erected in this popular tourist resort throughout history. Discover for yourself why Opatija has been one of the most popular destinations for sightseeing in Croatia since the 19th century when the Habsburgs turned it into one of Europe’s most popular destinations where nobles and aristocrats enjoyed in moments of peace and quiet far from their courts and daily politics. It is impossible to list all the names of the famous guests who visited Opatija. Numerous monuments have enriched the town’s culture. The tales of romantic anguish, intrigue, scheming, political games and artists seeking inspiration hide in every corner of the Opatija Riviera, and now you also have an opportunity to become a part of these tales. After that we will back to Rijeka.
Price: per person
Countries: Croatia

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