Lichtenstein Castle - Hohenzollern Castle - Sigmaringen Castle

Price: 88.00 EUR
Countries: Germany
Route: Stuttgart - Lichtenstein Castle - Hohenzollern Castle - Sigmaringen Castle - Stuttgart
Duration: 10 h
Our first stop will be at the Lichtenstein castle where the lineage of the Knights of Lichtenstein – a respectable and noble family – subsisted until the 17th century. Their ancestral seat Lichtenstein Fortress was situated directly above Honau and the source of the river Echaz, a site which today is called “Old Lichtenstein”. The new Lichtenstein Fortress, built in 1390, was considered to be one of the best-fortified fortresses of the Middle Ages and withstood every single attack. In 1567, however, it lost its status as ducal seat and deteriorated. In 1837 Count Wilhelm of Württemberg bought the hunting lodge and the surrounding estate from his cousin King Wilhelm of Württemberg. Inspired by the novel “Lichtenstein” by Wilhelm Hauff and with the aid of architect Heideloff Count Wilhelm of Württemberg then had a German medieval knight’s castle built in 1840-42. This new construction included the foundation walls of the ancient fortress up to the third floor. Adjoining buildings and facilities, a courtyard and a curtain wall completed the castle complex.  The casle's tour leading the visitor from the first to the second floor of the castle. On the first floor there are the armoury, a little chapel with precious glass paintings from the 15th and 16th century, medieval paintings and a cozy drinking room with beautiful planking and mural paintings showing cheerful toasts. On the second floor the visitor finds a richly painted room with coats of arms and the bay room with medieval furniture rich in detail. The visitor then enters the biggest and most beautiful room of the castle, the knight’s hall. Its walls are panelled in wood and its ceiling is painted most finely and effectively. In the castle’s staircase the famous painting „Schütze vom Lichtenstein“ – „Archer of Lichtenstein“ marks the end of the tour. Our next stop will be at the Hohenzollern Castle, the ancestral seat of the family dynasty, is situated at the periphery of the Swabian Alb. It is no museum in its traditional sense but a historic as well as a distinct lively place which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world all year round. During the visit you will follow in the footsteps of the Hohenzollern royal family as you embark on an inspiring journey behind the scenes of history. Take a fascinating walk through more than one thousand years of royal history and culture, getting to know the protagonists and observing architectural change through the centuries while you discover major historic events from a new perspective. Besides essential parts of castle's art collection, including a significant picture gallery, valuable silver and china as well as the Prussian King’s Crown , your guide will offer thought-provoking details on the various paintings, furniture, and artistic styles you encounter. Next we will visit to the Sigmaringen Castle which also called the Hohenzollern Castle. The Hohenzollern family has their residence and administrative headquarters here to this day. The noble family was first mentioned in 1061 and derives its name from the Hohenzollern Castle near Hechingen. In the course of the long family history, several lines have emerged, including the Brandenburg one, from which the Prussian kings and, from 1871, the German emperors descended. Sigmaringen Castle was first mentioned in 1077. Since then, the aristocratic residence has seen countless redesigns, fires, new buildings and extensions, so that architecturally several epochs and styles flow together. Parts of the original keep are still visible in the inner courtyard. From the 14th century the castle was expanded into a palace. Between 1576 and 1850 Sigmaringen was the capital and residence of the Principality of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen and the castle became the seat of the prince. During this time the castle got its present appearance. It was open to interested visitors early on; The first guided tours of the palace took place as early as 1871, a first museum was opened in 1867, and an early history museum was finally set up under Prince Friedrich von Hohenzollern. During the visit you will immerse yourself in the historical everyday life and the history of the Hohenzollern family, you can admire state rooms with art collections, historical furniture and porcelain at Sigmaringen Castle. In addition, the building now houses the Marstallmuseum with carriages and sedan chairs and a weapons hall with a collection of weapons, armor and medieval instruments of torture. After we return to Stuttgart.
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Countries: Germany

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