Riva del Garda - Verona - Vicenza

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Countries: Italy
Route: Trento - Riva del Garda - Verona - Vicenza - Trento
Duration: 10 h
Our brief first stop we will make at the Riva del Garda  which is a place enclosed by an area characterised by strong contrasts, with a Mediterranean vegetation growing vigorously at the foot of rocky cliffs that nestle a blue lake. The second biggest settlement on Lake Garda the Riva del Garda has long been seen as a strategically important town. The town controlled the northern half of the lake and also had an influence on trade routes north and south coming and going over the Alps. It's not surprising therefore that much of its history and its important sights relate to wars and fortifications. The town tower is located in the heart of Riva del Garda, in the Piazza III Novembre near the waterfront. It was built in the 13th century as another means of protecting the access to the lake and the town around it and at one point was connected to the Rocca via an underground passage. The Torre Apponale is 34 metres high and can be climbed by the 165 steps during the summer months. At the top of the tower is the "Anzolim" ("little angel") weather vane - a symbol of Riva del Garda. The site of the Rocca - near the harbour of Riva and surrounded by water - was first used in the 12th century as a protective fortification for this important strategic settlement. Next we will visit to Verona a UNESCO world heritage city and the home of Romeo and Juliet, a place of history, culture, music, architecture and high society where take a fascinating journey through various ages, architectural styles, stories and legends, from Roman remains until the early decades of '900s. During our visit  ofcourse  we can't see all sights  butwe will see the most important from that like the Venetian Gates by Michele Sanmicheli, the magnificent St. Zeno abbey, Castelvecchio, the Gavi Arch (1st century A.D.), St. George church, the Roman bridge and the Roman theater, St. Maria in Organo and St. Fermo, also we will walk through Verona streets and alleys, still the same that the Romans designed when they first arrived here more than two thousands years ago. Here layers after layers, buildings and monuments of various ages accumulated through the centuries: Romanesque churches, Gothic towers and castle, Renaissance palaces with their beautiful frescoed façades, squares and elegant courtyards. The guided walking tour will include the famous house of Romeo and the house of Juliet, the stunning Scala family tombs, masterpiece of gothic architecture, Signori square, Erbe square with the fountain of Madonna Verona, the Arena, the Roman amphitheatre, San Zeno, Santa Anastasia, il Duomo o Santa Maria Antica the Arena and much more. Next we will visit to Vicenza which is, in fact, one of Italy's cities with the highest number of monumental complexes compared to its extension. This makes it a real unexpected jewel to those visitors who take a walk in the old town centre. A great part of the architectural works by Palladio was created in the Vicenza territory, starting from 1540. The architect worked without distinction both for private and public clients, thus helping to profoundly change the city's aspect. The works of Palladio have left such a profound mark in Province that it has become an artistic reference point as well as cultural. The outstanding relation between the villas and the countryside in the Vicentino area as well as the buildings in the city and the country villas in the Vicenza Province reveal therefore , a characteristic of unity, sealed with its inscription in the World Heritage List of the UNESCO. The works of Andrea Palladio was imitated all over the world. No less than 16 of the 23 villas designed by this great architect are found in the Vicenza territory.  You will know about Palladio and the age that produced such architectural wonders, as well as the earlier Venetian gothic and typical medieval styles. We will see Piazza Castello, Torre degli Scaligeri, Palazzo Bonin Longare, Piazza Duomo, Casa Pigafetta, Piazza dei Signori, Basilica Palladiana, Palazzo del Capitanio, Chiesa di San Vincenzo, Monte di Pietà, Palazzo Thiene di Lorenzo da Bologna Chiesa di Santo Stefano, Palazzo Sesso Zen Fontana, Palazzo Negri, Palazzo Thiene di Andrea Palladio, Cà d'Oro, Palazzo, Cogollo Teatro Olimpico, Palazzo Chiericati, Palazzo Barbaran Porto, Palazzo Porto Breganze, Palazzo Colleoni Porto, Palazzo Iseppo Porto. Teatro Olimpico, Palladio’s last work and the oldest surviving theatre of the Italian Renaissance, with the original scenery made for the first performance. After we return to Trento.
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Countries: Italy

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