Conegliano - Col Vetoraz winery - Gigetto winery

Price: 70.00 EUR
Countries: Italy
Route: Venice - Conegliano - Col Vetoraz winery - Gigetto winery - Venice
Duration: 6 h
Firstly we will make stop at the Conegliano, city of art and wine, is the birthplace of the famous painter Giambattista Cima, whose altarpiece depicting the "Sacred Conversation" can still be admired in the Cathedral. The historic center, the ancient Contrada Granda, built mainly along via XX Settembre and Piazza Cima, hosts numerous Renaissance palaces with carved stone decorations and frescoes. On the hill, close to Piazza Cima, stands the Castle, which can be accessed through picturesque walking routes, along the ancient Carrarese walls. The Castle, symbol of Conegliano, is situated in a panoramic position, from which you can admire the view of the wide piedmont scenery, from the UNESCO Dolomites to the Venice lagoon. Next we will visit to Col Vetoraz winery located in the heart of the Valdobbiadene DOCG area, which is located at an altitude of almost 400 metres, at the highest point of the hill of the same name, part of the famous Cartizze hills from which this fine wine originates. It is here that the Miotto family settled in 1838, developing the cultivation of the vine from the beginning. Great respect for tradition, deep love for the territory, extreme care of the vineyards and a scrupulous methodology of the production chain and the production of the great cuvées, have allowed over the years to obtain wines of excellence and flattering results at the most prestigious national and international wine competitions. During the visit to Col Vetoraz you will deep to the unique atmosfere overlooking a breathtaking panorama that dominates the magnificent hills of Cartizze, where you will know traditionally wine-growing area and its evolution over time that has managed to turn difficulties into occasions to celebrate, the work in force and the land into wine. Also you can taste and buy the whole range of Valdobbiadene DOCG sparkling wines. Next we will visit to Gigetto restaurant  which located in a picturesque corner of the Treviso area, protected by the Prealps to the north and the rolling Montello hills to the south, Restaurant Da Gigetto is a place full of charm, that over the years has been transformed by the landlord and his wife in a tasteful and elegant way. Collected and cozy rooms, each with a different style; ceilings with exposed wooden beams decorated with a rich collection of pots and copper ornaments, fireplaces always lit, the old town band’s collection of musical instruments placed in a niche of the old stone wall: simple furniture capable of conveying warmth and atmosphere to the guests. Around a 18 meters deep well with spring water and a long access tunnel, one of the finest cellars in Italy was developed, with niches and rooms that showcase some 1600 bottles of the best national and international wines with a focus on local production: Prosecco, first and foremost, white and red wines of the hills of Conegliano, wines of the Piave and Torchiato di Fregona. When it comes to selecting the wines, Gigetto is supported by Roberto, the sommelier, a connoisseur of fine wines, who helps guests to choose the correct pairing of food and wine. After we return to Venice.
Price: per person
Siula, 06.02.2023
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Countries: Italy

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