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Vizit to "Lapland"
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Route: Helsinki
Duration: 2 h
Here in Winter World you will feel the atmosphere of wintery Lapland. Lapland is an area above the Arctic Circle uniting Northern parts of Russian, Finland, Sweden and Norway. You won’t find Lapland on the map as a country but what makes Lapland so special is the original Sami people with their unique way of life, culture and traditions that define the whole area. Lapland is located about 800 km or 500 miles North from Helsinki and for those who do not have time to travel that far we’ve brought a piece of Lapland to Helsinki. Have fun with snow related activities and enjoy the husky speed! Visit the igloos, have a drink at the Ice Bar, see the snow and ice decorations, try tobogganing, kick sledging and fun-skiing. Well-trained husky dogs are happy to give you a ride with professional musher who will tell you more about the life and training of these amazing animals.
Price: per person
Price: 63.00 EUR
Countries: Finland

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