Saharna Monastery is located 8 km from the town of Rezina, 45 km from the town of Orhei and 120 km from Chisinau. The monastic complex is a nature reserve. Its territory contains 670 ha of land and is under government protection. European tours to Moldova offer european tour operator can be to add to european tour packages. Initially the monastic complex embodied a small hermitage – Horodiste and a small church dug into the rock honoring of the feast of the Annunciation. In 1776, the monk Vortolomeu Crungul and several other monks came from Russia and settled the complex. They repaired the church and its cells. The hermitage church was built in1776 in honor of the feast of the

Assumption. In 1863, Abbot Serafim built another church for winter services and a series of cells were built. It was in honor of the feast of the Holy Virgin Mother of God. From 1776 – 1919, there were twenty-four different abbots who led the monastery. The Saharna Monastery was closed in 1964. All the monks were expelled. It was then used as a store-house for a boarding school. The Holy Trinity church was used as a hospital warehouse. The church for winter services served as a dance hall. It functioned as such until 1990, when at the request of local citizens, the monastery was reopened. In 1992, all monastery cells including the refectory, canteen and the priory were refurbished. The Saharna Monastery is medium-sized. Its hermitage does not have any architectural significance, but it has an indisputable historical value. Recently it has been renovated and new frescoes were painted. The hermitage church comprises of an altar carved in rock, separated from the rectangular nave by a small iconostas. Some cells are contained in the building site. The front monastery wall was built from rock, so the current wall was also made from stone blocks. The rock monastery was restored in 1991 – 1994. The four monastery cells located at the church were renovated in 1997. There is a narrow cave near the monastery. According to a legend, monk Vortolomeu, the monastery founder, took refuge in the stone cave. Saharna is also famous for its waterfalls. The river Saharna has 22 waterfalls. One of the most beautiful is very close to monastery, falling from a height of 10 meters and forming a deep pool which is called the "Gipsy Hole".