Once you reach the top, time stops. Here, mountains rise over 2500 metres, thus making the Julian Alps the highest mountain range in Slovenia. At 2864 metres, Mt. Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia. A network of paths leads to the high mountain peaks, crossing glacier-carved valleys, precipitous rock walls and forest plateaus. European tour packages to Slovenia always offer visit to Julian Alpsif you travel with european tour operator. If you cannot decide which path to take, go for a hike along the 300 km long-distance trail of the Julian Alps and explore the natural and cultural heritage of the entire area. The mighty peaks, which offer incredible views and crystal-clean water, and which sparkle in the sunshine, are a verdant green landscape whose tranquillity will inspire you and whose energy will uplift you. All this awaits in the sanctuary of the Julian Alps, where the peaks can reach as high as 2500 m and more. The king of this range is Triglav, Slovenia’s highest mountain and the symbol of the Slovenian nation. Experience a genuine contact with nature in Triglav National Park, which in addition to high mountains also features picturesque Alpine valleys, rivers and lakes. The largest of these are Lake Bohinj and the idyllic Lake Bled, with Slovenia’s only natural island. Follow the emerald-green beauty of the Soča River all the way to the vineyard hills of Brda. Put on your hiking shoes and explore the treasure trove of natural beauty in the Julian Alps.