What is european vacation package? Now  many european tour operators offer european vacation packages include everything from relaxing on a sun-drenched beach in the Italy to multi countries packages. Planning a trip is not easy, especially if it is an european vacation package. It is an expensive and tedious process. That is why many people opt for european vacation packages from european tour operators. European vacation packages offer convenience as they usually include most of the travel components—tickets, stay, food, sightseeing and so on—and have fixed itineraries and departure dates. For example, our european vacation package Prague-Vienna-Budapest. Ltd’s 8-day trip across tree European countries for a little under 460 EURO includes coach servis , stay, food and entrance fees, among others. These tours usually have a guide who travels with the group. These are offered by tour operators like our company. Usualy tourist can choose the tour in our website and also can to make litlle changes .