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785.00 EUR
European tour 4 pax 9 days. Prague, Vienna, Budapest
European tour package for 4 pax to Czech Republic,Austria and Hungary. This tour include visit to Prague, Vienna and Budapest. During the tour you see all important sightseeings and test national foods in traditional restaurants with folk evening programs
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1 094.00 EUR
European tour 2 pax 9 days. Vienna, Budapest, Prague
Tour of Europe with visit to Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic. This tour included city tour in Vienna, excursion to Salzburg and evening fonk dinner. Visit to Hungary included city tour in Budapest ,tour to Sentendre ( old village) and folklor dinner. Last point of this tour is Czech Republic's capital city Prague, where you see city tour and tour to Chech Krumlov city on the south .
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503.00 EUR
European tour 4 pax 7 days. Belgrade, Sofia, Bucharest
The tour includes 3 hotels ***, **** class star. Excursions - 4. Transfers between cities - 2. by trasport Minivan. European tour packages created by european trip planner include tour to Belgrade, vacation tour to Sofia, independent tour to Bucharest, travel to Bulgaria,excursions in Serbia,vacation in Romania
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  • National Tulip Day in Holland tours

    Witness the official start of tulip season on National Tulip Day. The season begins officially on Dam Square in Amsterdam. The event is organised by Dutch tulip growers who build a special tulip picking garden on Dam Square. Anyone can come to pick free tulips here. This festive event sets of tulip season because some 1.7 billion Dutch tulips are expected to bring spring into homes around the world. Every year, Dutch tulip growers build a huge garden with tens of thousands of tulips on Dam Square in Amsterdam. The biggest garden of Amsterdam transforms Dam Square into a sea of colour, where thousands of people come to pick a free bouquet of flowers every year. In addition to the garden the tulip growers organise countless surprises and promotions. Read more...  
  • Semperopenairball 2017 in Germany tours

    Germany’s premier ball fascinates 2,500 guests in the famous Dresden Semperoper and 15,000 spectators outside on Theaterplatz every year.The SemperOperaball is the largest classics-entertainment-event in the German-speaking region and has become one of the most important and prestigious European ballroom events. Every year since 2006 the ball has won over 2,500 guests inside the opera, 15,000 spectators in front of Dresden’s famous Semper Opera and millions of TV viewers all over the world. Its eclectic mix of arts and artists is unique in Germany. The grand opening gala is shown on live TV for five hours in a pan-European broadcast. So, the 200 accredited journalist reporting on the event do not come as a surprise. Yet it is not only national and international Read more...