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834.00 EUR
European tour 4 pax 9 days. Prague, Moscow, St. Petersburg
The tour includes 3 hotels *** class star. Excursions - 8. Transfers between cities - 2. by trasport Train European Vacation tour to Czech Republic vacation in Russia, tour to Prague,tour to Moscow, tour to Petersburg created by trip planner to europe
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648.00 EUR
European tour 4 pax 10 days. Budapest, Berlin, Prague
The European vacation package includes 3 hotels *** class star. Excursions - 9. Transfers between cities - 2. by trasport Train Independent tour to Hungary,vacation package to Germany, european package to Czech Republic, tour to Berlin,trip planner to Budapest,adventure travel to Prague
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1 596.00 EUR
European tour 3 pax 14 days. Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam , London
The tour includes 4 hotels ****, *** class star. Excursions - 11. Transfers between cities - 3. by trasport Train Independent tour created by trip planner,visit to Austria,vacation in Germany,excursions in Holland,journey in United Kingdom,tour to Vienna,tour to Berlin,tour to Amsterdam,tour to London
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  • New Year's Eve in Berlin

    New Year's Eve only comes round once a year, and there's no better place to celebrate it than at the world's biggest open-air New Year's Eve party in the heart of Berlin. European tour packages or european vacation packages created by european trip planner with visit to Germany we recommend participate New Year's Eve in Berlin on independent tour to Germany . All night long, over a million people join in the fun on the party avenue between the Victory Column and the Read more...  
  • Budapest Christmas Market

    Each year, from the end of November to the end of December, Vörösmarty Square is transformed into the annual Budapest Christmas Market. European vacation package included visit to Hungary or independent tour to Budapest created by trip planner of europe you can combinate with visit to Budapest Christmas Market. Visitors can browse over 100 stands offering unique Christmas-themed arts and crafts. A giant Advent calendar on the facade of the glamorous Gerbeaud building, Read more...