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Our travel tips

  • Visit to the Hill of Crosses during european tours to Lithuania

    Many attempts were made to destroy and burn the Hill of Crosses, but it survived as a sign of our freedom and as a must-see place for pilgrims around the world. European tour packages which include visit to very small and no mach interesting country Lithuania same times offer visit to Hill of Crosses where Pope John Paul II prayed  in 1993, later made numerous references to this place in his speeches, and set up a crucifix on the hill as a gift to Lithuania. People begin and end pilgrimages at this cross. The travel website Condé Nast Traveler listed this hill with its thousands of crosses among 20 scariest places in the world. Of course, the compilers of this list would maybe not like to spend a night on the hill, Read more ...  
  • Discover the Liepaja during european tours to Latvia

    Set on Latvia’s ruggedly beautiful west coast, Liepaja (Liepāja) is a proud port city with an artistic soul. With its pristine Blue Flag beach, market stalls offering fresh local fish and the local specialty cod dish Liepājas menciņi on every menu, Liepaja is a place with the sea running through its veins. Visit to Latvia during european tours which include visit to Liepaja usually do not interesting but european tour operator can help to you open the region from all sides. And its affectionate nickname “the city where the wind is born” reflects a town with a strong individualistic streak. This is reflected in its architecture, ranging from elegant timber houses to Art Nouveau masterpieces and grand old warehouses turned into Read more ...