Berlin Berlin

Berlin City tour, Excursion to Potsdam

Dresden Dresden

Dresden City tour, Excursion to Prague

Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main City tour, Cochem and Heidelberg Castle tour

Hamburg Hamburg

Hamburg City tour

Munich Munich

Munich City tour, Excursion to Salzburg, Linderhof, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle

Schwangau Schwangau

Excursion to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Linderhof Castle


  • Visit to Ilidza during european tours to Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Situated 12km southwest of Sarajevo, Ilidza has long been a close retreat for city dwellers to enjoy the thermal springs, recreation centre and the lovely park at the source of River Bosna called Vrelo Bosna.  The park has acres of lush green fields, gushing fresh waters that spring from the surrounding mountains, a recently upgraded park where children can play and two tasty traditional restaurants near one of the largest cascades in the park. The springs are accessible by car, foot, bike or horse and carriage. The long tree-lined aleja is closed to vehicle traffic and is perfect for a jog, walk or bike ride. It is possible to take a 10KM horse and carriage ride from the top of the Read more...  
  • UNESCO by the Train during european tours to Slovakia

    Get familiar with UNESCO World Heritage List gems located in Slovakia's historical regions of Abov, Gemer and Spiš, a must-see places really worth to explore. Trips by a nostalgic train to UNESCO listed cultural and natural monuments have been prepared for all world unique fans in Košice region this year. There is truly something to see in the region and the excellent accessibility to the World Cultural and Natural Heritage makes it even more interesting. The unique project combines two attractive values - the most precious prides of the region and the unique experience of "vláčik - motoráčik" ride. Not only children will be charmed. From Košice, it is possible to get up to 18 Read more...