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Berlin Berlin

Berlin City tour, Excursion to Potsdam

Dresden Dresden

Dresden City tour, Excursion to Prague

Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main City tour, Cochem and Heidelberg Castle tour

Hamburg Hamburg

Hamburg City tour

Munich Munich

Munich City tour, Excursion to Salzburg, Linderhof, Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle

Schwangau Schwangau

Excursion to Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Linderhof Castle

Independent tours
Escorted tours
Festivities of San Jorge tour to Spain
Every year, Caceres, in Extremadura, celebrates the festivity in honour of its patron saint, San Jorge (the Spanish name for Saint George), in the week of 23 April. During european independent tour to Spain we recommend visit to Saint George and participate on festival in european tour packages created by trip planner. The festival symbolises the Christian reconquest of the city, and combines historical facts like the dispute between Muslims and Christians
Bay Prawn festival in Dublin
During european independent tour to Ireland you can planning your trip by our trip planner and create visit to Bay Prawn festival in Dublin on european tour packages in April. The Dublin Bay Prawn is, without doubt, one of the tastiest foods out there and Howth is its home. Whatever way you like your Dublin Bay Prawns - barbecued, whole, shelled, fried, skewered, marinated, sauced - Howth's many award winning restaurants will serve your favourite
Regular tours

Number of days: 7

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Country/City: Czech Republic/Prague, Austria/Vienna

This tour we do recommend for those, who want to see highlights of Prague & Vienna. We offer you 6 nights in 3*/4* hotels, private bus and grand city tours in major cities.
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Number of days: 7

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Country/City: Russia / Moscow, St.Petersburg

Tour to Russian capital cities  Russia / Moscow, St.Petersburg

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