Day tour to Keukenhof

Price: 43.00 EUR
Countries: Netherlands
Route: Amsterdam - Keukenhof - Amsterdam
Duration: 5 h
This tour organized only from march till may. During the tour you will visit to very famous flower park Keukenhof which is the world’s largest flower garden. Its name translates to “Kitchen Garden” in English and is also known as the Garden of Europe. This popular attraction features more than 7 million flower bulbs, which are planted in the garden each year.  Keukenhof - the garden’s location was once used as hunting grounds during the 15th century. The area was also a great source for herbs, which were often used in the kitchen of Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut’s castle. It is for this reason that the garden earned the name Keukenhof. In 1949, the garden was officially established by the town’s mayor. At the time, the goal of the garden was to help the Dutch export industry by creating an exhibit where both local and European flower growers could display their hybrids. Throughout Keukenhof, tourists will find a wide range of different gardens and styles. The English garden features charming winding paths, while the Historical Garden is enclosed and features a variety of different bulbs. Many areas of the park also include water gardens, fountains and ponds. Also 4 pavilions are there like the Juliana Pavilion–The oldest pavilion in the park and also features an outdoor terrace where tourists can enjoy snacks and coffee. The Wilhelmina Pavilion– Located directly on the pond and one of the most picturesque pavilions in the garden. Here, guests can dine on authentic Dutch dishes and enjoy a warm atmosphere.  The Small Pancake Pavilion–This pavilion is located next to the playground and serves up delectable mini pancakes and the Tea Pavilion–Serves a range of teas and snacks. Beautiful views of the flower fields can be seen from this pavilion. After we will return to Amsterdam.
Price: Per person
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Countries: Netherlands

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