Veszprem Castle - Sumeg Castle - Keszthely - Festetics Palace - Heviz

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Countries: Hungary
Route: Budapest - Veszprem Castle - Sumeg Castle - Keszthely - Festetics Palace - Heviz - Budapest
Duration: 11 h
Our first stop will be at the city Veszprem which according to our ancestors, was built on seven hills, archaeological finds also prove that this area was inhabited thousands of years ago.The legend passed on through generations, which is dearest to our hearts claims that the city was a favourite for the Hungarian Ruler Géza and his son, who became the country’s first King István (Stephen) I. as well as his wife Gizella, and the city had its heydays around the year 1000, during the reign of the first royal couple. They had established the bishopric, supported the building of St Michael’s Cathedral and the Veszprém Valley Nunnery, where the robe used for crowning ceremonies is said to have been woven. Gizella donated the embroidered robe to the church of the city which had made it the “city of queens” in the interpretation of future ages. The right of the Veszprém bishops to crown the queens from 1216 onwards was also confirmed by a law. Refurbishment started at the beginning of the 18th century, in the Baroque style. Bishop Márton Padányi Bíró removed the outline of the castle, characterised by small houses and narrow streets and established the Holy Trinity Square surrounded by the prebendal palaces, creating one of the largest historic castle areas in Hungary with established residences. Bishop Albert Vetési had the cathedral decorated in the late Gothic style, while Bishop Péter Beriszló, a Croatian viceroy,  modernised the fortification of the Castle. The atmosphere of the thousand-year-old city invites visitors for cosy walks. Next we will stop at the Castle of Sümeg which is one of the most beautiful fortresses of the country. It was built on a barren hilltop towering above surroundings, and it has been in relatively good condition since the Middle Ages. The Castle consists of three major parts: an exterior and an interior fortress as well as a citadel. Building periods are also distinguishable. The lower level of the citadel's Old Tower , possibly built with an upper level of wood construction in the 1260s, is the oldest part of the Castle. Large-scale extension was carried out in the 15th century, at the time of the bishops Mátyás Gathalóczy (1440-1457), Albert Vetési (1458-1486) and János Vitéz junior (1489-1499). Bishop Vetési had the Inner Gatehouse built and the palace on the southern cliff of the castle hill completed. There you will touch the history of Hungary. Next we will reach Keszthely is a town of  grand town houses perched at the western edge of Lake Balaton. It's hands down one of the loveliest spots to stay in the area, and far removed from the tourist hot spots on the lake. There we will visit to the beautiful baroque palace is the highlight of Keszthely and also one of the three largest country houses in Hungary. Festetics Palace belonged to a ducal family of Croatian origin who moved to Hungary in the 17th century. They chose Keszthely to be the centre of their estates and decided to have the palace built, as well as a pharmacy and a hospital. Next we will visit to Heviz lake where you can spend the time for relax or wellness and know many legends about it. Despite the fact that the colonization of lake-environs is documented even from Roman time period, the spa tradition could be followed since the 17th century. The thermal water lake is the unique attraction of Hévíz-spa. The temperature is consistently around 30° C. Another interesting fact: the main part of this thermal bathing place, with its typical small towers, is constructed on columns. So, you can comfortably enter the water (where you can touch many pieces of dark-green leaves of water-lilies with white-violet flowers) up to its centre. Moderately radioactive water, with high content of minerals, sulphur, iodine and another effective matters, can help heal the diseases of moving apparatus and rheaumatism, as well as many other health troubles. After we will return to Budapest.
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Countries: Hungary

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