Carmona - Roman necropolis - Cordoba

Price: 124.00 EUR
Countries: Spain
Route: Seville - Carmona - Roman necropolis - Cordoba - Seville
Duration: 10 h
The first stop in our tour will be at one of the most scenic and emblematic town in the province Carmona , which  said to be the oldest town in Spain with a continuous population base.  Carmona has been dominated at various times by Phoenecian, Visagoth, Roman and Arab invaders. Called Karmo by the Romans and Qarmuna by the Moorish invaders, Carmona is located high above the fertile surrounding plains, and its strategic military importance is best reflected in the impressive Gate of Seville fortress, dating to the 9th century BC, or to the Alcazar castle. Carmona´s Latin motto SICVT LVCIFER LVCET IN AURORA, ITA IN VANDALIA CARMONA (“As the morning-star shines at Dawn, so shines Carmona in Andalusia”) gives a clue to the town´s rich and varied history, amply reflected in its wide range of monuments (the Roman necropolis, amphitheatre, the Gate of Seville fortress, the Puerta de Cordoba, Santa Maria church, numerous convents, churches and palace houses…) Miguel de Cervantes of “Don Quixote” fame lived here while preparing provisions for the Spanish Armada and the founder of the university of Seville was born here. Also you will listen a stage to the sagas of the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, and eventually Christians. Head about the incredible Carmona Necropolis, one of the most important, extensive, and best preserved archaeological sites and Roman funerary of Spain. The site’s amphitheater is thought to be the first ever built in Spain. Learn about the Roman’s elaborate burial rituals and see thee underground chambers where they kept the dead. Throughout the tour, listen about the historical, cultural and artistic stages Carmona has gone through, from Roman times to the present day.Our next stop will be at Cordoba. Cordoba is a vibrant city in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia brimming with over 2,000 years worth of history. The colorful town is the home of the harmonious coexistence of Christian, Muslim, and Jewish cultures evidently seen in most of its famous landmarks and monuments. On this walking tour, get an exclusive look of three of the most important sites in Córdoba. Visit the well known Alcázar of Cordoba, also known as the  Alcázar de Los Reyes Cristianos, and discover the primary residences of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. Once you’ve explored the medieval fortress, take a stroll along the Jewish Quarter of the city where you can spot the Synagogue, the Jewish Street, the Arabic market (Zoco), and the bronze statue of Maimonides. Conveniently located nearby the Quarter is the iconic Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba. End your adventure at the Great Mosque of Córdoba and wander around its forest of columns and ornate double arches alternating from red and white voussoirs. Get lost in the dazzling beauty of intricately designed apses, multicultural emblems, and many more from Córdoba’s best monuments.After that we will reuturn to Seville.
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Countries: Spain

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